Kurze Pause...Tag zwei bei der Krippeneingewöhnung war gut. Das #oktoberbaby2017 hat sich durch die Spielecke gerollt, die größeren Kinder beobachtet, gebrabbelt und gespielt. 1,5 Stunden waren wir heute da ohne bewusste Trennung. Morgen versuchen wir das aber. Danach war sie grocky beim Papa im Büro, weil ich Krankheitsvertretung hatte in der #redaktion ... Das Babymädchen hat dann beim Papa erstmal geschlafen. Seit 15 Uhr sind wir daheim, die großen Brüder sind ausgeflogen. Ich reinige Johannesbeeren und Kirschen (haben gerade wieder einen Eimer voll vom Nachbar bekommen 😂). Hat jemand ein gutes #rezept für Kirschmarmelade? Es sind Frühkirschen, saftig-süß. 😊 Gleich kommen die Zaubermaus und der Rabauke heim und dann beginnt das Abendchaos unserer ❤️ #großfamilie ❤️ #familienleben #lebenmitkindern #workingmom #obst #kirschen #kirschenzeit

In preparation of going on vacay, I’m going to the office. I will be happy to see my coworkers but most of all, I can go to the potty without a 2 year old following me. #momlife #toddlerlife #wilsontribe #iloveher #blessing #momboss #toddlersofinstagram #workingmom

So excited to see these two and the rest of my team! We are meeting up for a conference in Indianapolis! This picture was taken at the last conference in Las Vegas! I love that i get the opportunity to travel and be inspired. It’s seriously impossible to not be positive, motivated, and determined when I’m interacting with this team of amazing people on the daily. The only requirement for being on the team is desire. We have all kinds of people- nurses, teachers, techies, career coaches, you name it! And our interests are even more varied. But we are bonded together by our motivation to grow and people and help others along the way. #fitcrewcoaches #teamboom

This little love is sick today. I rarely slow down or even sit during the day, but today I’ll hold you while you rest Mya love. #workingmom #stayathomemom #bossbabe. Thanks to my R+F job I have more financial security, I’m reminded of this blessing on days like today when I can’t be at my nursing job.

She needs to move out... 📦 Is it crazy that I am teaching my 6 yr old how to be self reliant? This summer she is learning how to make her own meals, cook dinner for the family once a week, properly clean bathrooms, get herself ready for the day, and be a good hostess when she has friends over. All of my kids do something similar during the summer, because they can’t live with us forever! The home is the perfect training ground for learning life skills at a young age. I’m not just a coach to my biz team. I’m a self reliance coach to my three kiddos and summer is Bootcamp! #summerofindependence #workingmom #parentinghacks #ponotribe #ponoessential #familyrecipe #familygoals

Life unfortunately often doesn’t go as planned🤷🏼‍♀️. ••• Insecurity and self doubt can creep in when you are pushing toward a new goal and sneaky curve balls can be thrown your way that you really can't imagine why they are happening. ••• Some days or life changes will be really freaking hard, but we always have a CHOICE. ••• A choice to GROW through what we GO through & have faith that when we get through it, things will be even better then we could have imagined on the other side. 💕 ••• If we can only just help more people IMAGINE and visualize the magnitude of the blessings coming their way, they will realize the fight to getting where they want to go is always so worth it. ••• It's all about perspective... . . . . . . . #workingmom #imahotmess #mommablogger #autismmom #bootyfit #perspective #lifesachallenge #struggleisreal #entrepreneur #workfromhome #homeworkout #idahofalls #idahome #mommablogger #indianapolisbound #selfie📷

#bestmomever Since our teenage daughter gave this to me, it must be true! #momlife #workingmom #momofteens #raisingworldchangers