Yay! We survived our first weekend without our fearless leader. I'll be honest I was a bit scared to stay alone with the kids in a total new place to us. Luckily, we are staying at the nicest little town and the weather was perfect. My only concern about staying alone was... you know... being stuck in a tornado with three kids. Sooo glad to have him back! 🙏🏽 . . . . . . . . #rvlivingwithkids #fulltimers #rvlifestyle #fulltimefamily #rvfamily #rvliving #rvlife #livinglavidawild #fulltimefamilies #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #kidsforreal #letthekids #makingmemories #runwildmychild #wildandfreechildren #wildandfree #becausecommunity #letthembe #exploremore #wildandbravelittles #mamatowildones #shared_joy #letthemexplore #embracingtheeveryday

Having a closet sale up on @unitedwardrobe today, my Dutchies! See IG stories for the link #vergegirl #brandymelville

Day at the beach with friends. Needed #vitaminsea🌊

Cheeky glass of wine in the sun today with my girls! 🙌

The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities from #simplylearningkids.

It must look like I got this motherhood thing down, right? Well, sorry to burst the perfection bubble, but I don't. Even after three kids I'm still struggling. . I struggle to overcome laziness. Guilt. Exhaustion. Distraction. It's just so damn hard! Anyone else? . But these small moments, although rare (contrary to what you may think) is like Gods way of showing me that there's hope for me. That I actually have it in me to do this motherhood thing, right. . . So, I'll be here living in this moment of peace and joy believing that God has given me all that I need to be a good mom. Momma, He's done the same for you! . What are you struggling with as a mom, today? Let me know so you can be added to my prayer list. . #Motherhood #Homeschooling #HomeschoolFam #GraceAndLove #CayetanoCrew #WildAndFree #KineticSand #CultivateCreativity

We swung by the park today 🐒 #vegankid

The very contented face of a bison as he scratches himself on a tree

One looking at the 📷 is a win. Saying that it’s a win they are all standing still long enough to get a picture that isn’t blurry. 🖤 #lifewiththree

I saw an image very similar to this favourite one of my daughter on @wildexplorersclub feed and they’d included the quote “there is nothing so well worth having as friends. Never lose a chance to make them.” It really resonated with me as my little girl has always clung very tightly to me and kept her circle very small. If she’s related to you or has known you forever, she’s a gas, but otherwise she keeps pretty quiet. Play dates are a bit of a nightmare as I watch all the other children rushing off to play together whilst she wants to stay with mummy. I’ve spent years worrying about it - is it because I’ve been a stay at home mum and she’s too reliant on me? Have I done too much? Too little? Is she too shy? Lacking in confidence? Why isn’t she like the others? I’m sure you all know the drill! Over the last few weeks she’s just starting to explore making new friends and it fills my heart. She rushes home from nursery to tell me who she played with for the first time, I see her when we’re out and about eyeing up the crowd to see if there’s anyone she could approach to play with. If she sees her brother interacting with anyone, panic sets in and she rushes off to find someone so that he’s not the only one making friends! This picture and that quote reminds me that she’s just being herself and it does all come in their own time. I need to relax and let her take it at her own pace. And if the friends she feels most comfortable making for now are of the 🐌 kind then that’s completely fine! #amothersthoughts #30dayswild #randomactsofwildness #snails #makingfriends #friendship #natureplay #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren #naturenurture