C.O.A.C.H. That word used to scare me (still kinda does) - it sounds so official, doesn’t it?? Before I stepped into this path, I didn’t know what it met. I didn’t know what I would have to do and how much time I would have to put into it. I was skeptic, I felt unqualified and I had A LOT of questions. You don’t have to be a certain type of person, you don’t have to have your shit together - - let’s be honest, I don’t. 😅🤷🏼‍♀️ You just have to be willing to take a leap of faith. •Backstage Pass into Coaching starts Tuesday. We want to show you what this ‘coach life’ is all about and show you that this is something you can do as well. 💕 For link, send me a DM or an email at [email protected] . . . . . #takeachance #howwillyouknowuntilyoutry #youcantoo #taketheleapoffaith #yolo #beinchargeofyourlife #coachlife #whatisyourlegacy #rolemodel

Excited to have a 2018 Kansas tag! Hope it's as good to us this year as last! #1928heritage #whatisyourlegacy #elitearchery #kansas #hitlistwhitetails #P&Y

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......as the Sun sets on yet another grace filled day down here @diecutstickersdotcom, I’m delighted and overwhelmed with thankfulness to announce that my company’s April Canned Food Drive has wrapped with a resounding effect. A gargantuan #thankyou to every human and business that participated in this year’s collection efforts to gather as many non-perishable food items & other necessary wellness items in benefit of my good friend’s organization, #TheTukwilaPantry. I learned this philosophy over a decade ago and I have been passionately practicing it’s message in earnest, ever-since; success isn’t measured in the amount of possessions an #entrepreneur acquires along the journey but rather, how many lives they can positively affect with those same amount of resources. I intentionally walk with a servants mindset everyday as I know my story is at the caring, nurturing hands of many, many persons that have been placed in my life’s pathway. It is my duty to pay my glory forward and to fiercely help those fellow humans in my local community that have large barriers to securing basic need items. A thriving community starts with it’s inhabitants and in order for my company, my staff and my partners to prosper down here, we must be disciples of continued advocacy for the less fortunate in the Tukwila region. Feeling an urge to get involved and be a part of something bigger than yourself? Please, reach out to me as I’d love to welcome you into our collective, as we are just getting started & we have big plans to serve our community. Don’t forget, we also just launched our newest charitable property on Monday, “Lights out to Illiteracy”. I am collecting books down at my building in Tukwila in benefit of the Renton Area Youth and Family Services organization until June 15th. Good night and again, thanks to all for their engagement and support of this year’s Canned Food Drive; you made this one of the biggest activations to date! #engagetoinspire #dayinthelifeofanentrepreneur #timetalenttreasure #enjoythejourney #investintowhatmatters #charityismypassion #diecutstickers #fooddrive #tukwila #charity #philanthropy #whatisyourlegacy #servantleadership @reviresconw

3PM: Taco Tuesday Lunch with the Board Of Directors!! Dream come true to see your kids grow in front of your eyes 😍! . If you can think about what you want in ur mind, and make that your dominant thought process, you will bring it into your life! #CreatingMemories #FullTimeDad #RaviAndArti #OwnYourLife #whatisyourlegacy

I’m officially booked until 2019. Wow!Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response to Mind Body Cheer. I’m so excited to be working with so many coaches, parents, athletes and programs committed to improving culture, teaching character first, focusing on technique, and teaching body before skill. #TeamCultureWins #CharacterMatters #WhatIsYourLegacy #GrowthMindset #ValuesLeadToGoals

We missed this one some how but thought it was well worth reposting! Congrats on this pretty ladies first turkey back in 2016! @lablondemama #1928heritage #whatisyourlegacy #takeakid #LAlongbeard #raisemright #passiton

His legacy lives on. What will your legacy look like? What actions are you taking today to lead you closer to building the legacy that you will be proud of. #buildalegacy #legacy #whatisyourlegacy #entrepreneurofinstagram

What is your legacy @1minutefeedback www.1minutefeedback.com #whatisyourlegacy #shorttermgoals #longtermthinking #1minutefeedback