I feel so sorry for my Mum guys! 😢 A silly lady drove straight into us yesterday, she tried to blame my Mummy but we have photo proof that it was the other lady's fault! She gave my Mummy a wrong mobile number! And made a quick get away! 😡 My Mummy is so angry at herself because she didn't think to get the lady's number plate or make of the car! 🤦 I finks she was in shock, I finks she still is! 🤗 I finks she was more worried about me than anything....I had my seatbelt on, I was OK! I am a tough sausage! 😃. . . My Mummy definitely needs to win the Lottery now!!!! 🤞💰💲💷🤑❤️. . . On a lighter note.....I wish all of my wonderful furiends and your families a truly wonderful day!. . . Be careful on those roads, you never what's around the corner!. . . My Hoomum says she wishes she had a head like an owl 🦉 Maybe she would have seen that silly lady and moved! I personally think some people need to retake their driving test! 🚗😡

I do EVERYTHING around here🙄

#Throwback to when it was still sweater weather” ~ Elvis 🕺🏻

W I L L O W vs K a a

Sausage or Rabbit? 🐰 my first ever night at home and boy did we have some good cuddles going on ❤️🐾 #wabbitorwiener #throwbackthursday