He compared me to a rat in a cage. He explained, 'Each time the rat was allowed outside of the locked cage, it was attacked by the cat. So the rat learned to never venture outside of the cage. Then, when the cage was no longer locked, the door wide open, and the cat no longer waiting, the rat would still not leave the protection of the cage.' Maybe he's right. But I have created a space within the cage that is highly functional, comfortable, reasonably happy, and (above all) peaceful. It is not a sad and lonely existence despite the fact that others may not understand it. In all honesty, I am enjoying this time on my own. Does this mean I have no desire to share time and space with someone else? Absolutely not. My door is now open (though I used to keep it locked of my own accord). But I am in no hurry. To hurry is to rush into something subpar, to settle, neither of which I have any intention of doing at this point in my life. I am in no state of desperation. Wrong or right, I have an all or none personality. I will be truly happy on my own. Or I will be truly happy with someone who sets my soul on fire. But I could never find true happiness in a mediocre relationship (just for the sake of not being alone). For me, this would be nothing more than a waste of time. (Art by Amanda Cass) #relationship #instamood #me #woman #moment #writersofinstagram #writerlife #wordgasm #moments #rat #cage #heart #peace #peaceful #comfortable #comfy #happy #singles #solo #divorced #notsettling #soul #fire #passion #no #blogger #blog #bloggerstyle #eric #amandacass

I am blooming....why is no one appreciating my petals? #ibelongtome #notsettling

V17: THINGS ARE NOT OK. I WAS NO LONGER OK. Fear manifests itself in many ways. For me, it was through my attitude and mindset. I was always ok with how things are or how things can turn out. This had to change. It was not ok to fuck out. It was not ok to be rejected. It was not ok to be left behind. It was not ok to be ok with anything. If I wanted to get shit done and get to places in my life, I cannot be ok on settling with results. #vlog #dailybrie #epiphany #change #mindset #attitude #notok #notsettling

I know I keep sharing my plates but I just can’t help it when cooking is so much fun! Today, I cooked with my dad. Then we sat down on the balcony and ate Dinner. Just him and me! We talked and reminisced. It was the best!

So often we try to predict our future by the experiences of our past... Well guess what There’s NO MORE ROOM FOR EXCUSES; IAM about to step into a moment where EVERYTHING changes! ✨🌻

Whn i tell you shes 💯 but these niggas only Bringing 50😎 #IDntWantThmSis #notsettling #lightTbT

They tryna kill me but they can’t do it I bounce back To get through it, I go through it No losing, just learning ✨ #goingup #notstopping #notsettling #worthit #thanksuniverse #speakintoexistence #russ #diemon #backtolife

A wise lady once said: "Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love… but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love." #mandyhale _ The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass And I agree. It's fine to be a hopelessly romantic person. But it's not fine to sit around wasting your life away waiting for romance to happen. There is a time for everything, and you'll know when it is your time for love to shine. But until then live your life to the fullest, build memories, chase your dreams and most importantly, ALWAYS GROW #beingsingle  #dating #findinglove  #livinglifetothefullest #livingyourbestlife  #love  #notsettling  #positivethinking #relationships #motivational #relationshipgoals #lifegoals #chaseyourdreams #single  #singlelife #singlewoman #singleness #thesinglewoman #sass #sassyquotes #justloveyourself #selfloveclub #selflove #weirdos #weird #lucky #livelifetothefullest #singlelady #wanderer

I haven’t written much because I have been so incredibly busy. I’ve been asked to be a part of a book and I am so incredibly honored. I have two publications in the works and hoping to start my memoir in 6-9 months if things go as planned. I am not going to reveal too much right now as it is in its beginning stages. I’ve been creating space for me. To walk. To heal. To create. I have wind in my sails again and I have learned how to create the life I want through prayer, hard work, not settling and standing in my truth no matter what. It seems like one day I was falling in to the grips of depression and then I did a few shifts and intentions and everything changed. Everything changed because I changed and decided I wasn’t settling. I wasn’t waiting for things to get better. I was going to make them better now. It’s a choice you have to keep choosing everyday. It has made all the difference.

Yes i have had those days where i just don’t want to go workout, where im not motivated, i just want don’t want to get up, and honestly i remember how much i dislike those feelings, i got off my ass and went to go hit those weights, IM SO GLAD I DID! I felt incredible afterwards, Thanks to my hunny Jonathan Sosa for pushing me even tho i sorta kinda give you a hard time lol 😂 Yes i lose sight of things, Motivation may get me going, but its the hard work, self discipline, and consistency! 🔑 & coming across that picture in the left 😝🙀 ————————————————————— #islay #herbalife #30lbsdown #notsettling #joinme #powered

Tonight I whipped up a couple of batches of these killer Snickerdoodle Bars I make (seriously everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️s then) and I thought about the business I started several years ago, Happiest Little Baker. I loved my little HLB. I always wanted to run my own company and get away from my corporate job in pharma. I had big plans for it. In the past, I had started a few businesses but hadn’t found something I was really into. Baking was my PASSION. I loved doing it and I loved doing it with my kids. So boom, a business was born. BUT it was no joke. I spent every non-corporate job minute I had on the business. Recipe development. Branding. Marketing. PR. Packing boxes. Measuring ingredients. Shipping. Tracking inventory. Buying inventory. Paying vendors. I had to do everything 😩 and it sucked the life out of me. PLUS it was sucking us dry. So expensive, folks. And we said ✌️ out to the biz. Fast forward a few years. Today’s reminder showed me: 1) I’m happy to be back in the kitchen baking for fun. 2) I still have that drive for more outta life. 3) I’ve finally found a business that doesn’t require me to do all of the 👆. Allows me to actually make 💵 and not see it fly out the window. AND it leaves me with time to the stuff I love with my kiddos. Those are big wins for me. #yes #notsettling

Work changes, project finish lines, convention. I come alive this time of year. June, I’m ready for ya. Bring it on. 🤘🏻 #charlottessummer

Gym hair I don't care and lunges are the 😈! #watchmetransform #notsettling #goworkout #npc #fitmess

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31