Mom is home from her work trip and the fam is reunited!❤️🐶🙌 #leothespringer608

What can I say? Shoes and bully sticks have always been my thing.☺️ #throwbackthursday #leothespringer608

When she’s trying to gitcha eye boogie, but you’re too busy being awesome!👅👀🐶 #leothespringer608

Eyes off me, momma! What?!🤚👀😇 #leothespringer608

Tuesday’s are for sticking your tongue out! #AmIRight ?!😬😇😜 #leothespringer608

Ooohweee! Having a Birthday sure is somethin’. I mean, I wouldn’t call it ruff, but I am sleepy from all the excitement. Thank you to everyone who made my big day extra special!☺️🙏 #leothespringer608

Well, it’s my 1️⃣st birthday, and I must say, it’s been the best year ever! I got to celebrate with cake and some of my favorite people. I’m such a lucky boy & plan to keep on rockin’!🙌🎂🐶🎉 #happybirthday #leothespringer608

Happy #TongueOutTuesday - birthday style! Today I am 1️⃣ year old!🎉💙 #leothespringer608

Are we playing some ball, or- what, lady?!🐶🎾 #leothespringer608

Bird watching with your leg out is the best way to bird watch!🤸‍♂️🐤🐦 #leothespringer608

Happy #TongueOutTuesday to all my insta friends!👅👋🐶 I had a spoiled day at daycare, and now I’m chillin’ out!😎 #leothespringer608

Laying down like a good boy in preparation for my @redbarninc bully stick!👀😇 #leothespringer608

Weekend vibes!🐶💨🌾 #leothespringer608

Leo here! Reporting for snuggle duty.🤗 #leothespringer608

Just a sweet faced, spoiled boy!🐶💙 #leothespringer608

Couch surfing, #puppybutt comin’ in HOT!😇😬🐶 #leothespringer608

#ThrowbackThursday to puppy life with my first ball!😇🐶🎾 #leothespringer608

When you’re sleepy, but still keeping an eye on the kitchen!😴 #leothespringer608

I’m not one to discriminate, and my choice in footwear is no exception! Watch those heels, ma!😆👠🐶 #leothespringer608