Puppies and butterflies and magic at dusk on the lake. #keukalake #mayerheartsbfried

Got these new Catalyst pedals from Pedaling Innovations @pedalinginnovations to try for my trip (Nalgene shown for size, and shout out to @carolinafatz2.0 😀I’m not sponsored by any of these folks, just chatting). I’ve been working with the amazing Mo Goldstein @mothehuman, (, epigenetics coach, movement coach, and massage therapist at the Apeiron Center for Human Potential, and he recommended I try these pedals. He’s been helping me switch over to natural foot movement, and these large pedals put the pedal axle under the arch, and support the ball AND heel of the foot, which is how feet were designed to function. Traditional pedals put the ball of the foot over the pedal axle and then the ball of the foot takes the full force of the pedal stroke and balancing. This method of pedaling does not correlate with any walking or running foot movement in nature. Also, I have a dropped metatarsal in the center ball of my left foot, so that pressure kills. Plus there are receptors in our feet that signal the body through a process called proprioception. Pressure on the heel signals the hips to activate, and the hips are where we get our ambulatory power. Mo says his Catalyst pedals give him more power and control, and he can feel himself using different muscles in his hips. This pedal style made so much sense to me as soon as he explained it. So I’m setting my body up to function as designed and giving these pedals a try.

Some of the pancakes from our recent event at @keukacollege ! Thank you guys for having us! . Pancakes made by Dancakes artist @mruncredible and @nosketchbookneeded . . Book us for your next event by clicking the link in our bio to get pancakes of whatever you want, wherever you want! ✈️ 🥞 . #pancakeart #pancakes #foodart #edibleart #portraits #chancetherapper #johnwick #pancakepeople #eventplanner #bookus #event #college #keukalake #keukacollege

Welcome to Keuka Lake, it is an honor to share our slice of heaven with you. #ardmoreglenn #keukalakewinetrail #keukalake #sliceofheaven

View from the upper deck with a gas firepit and grill #ardmoreglenn #keukalakewinetrail #keukalake #sliceofheaven

Mutli decks overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake. Welcome to Keuka Lake #ardmoreglenn #keukalakewinetrail #keukalake #sliceofheaven

Easy Access through our lockbox or for the tech savvy we recommend downloading the KeVo app to receive an electronic key Welcome to Keuka Lake! #ardmoreglenn #keukalakewinetrail #keukalake #sliceofheaven

Looking for a unique drink to pair with your lunch? Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer has an old fashioned taste and old fashioned goodness in every bottle! This dark soda has a rich and creamy taste with a bold birch beer flavor that your whole family will enjoy. Specialty drinks are located in our drink case (to the right of the register). PA Birch Beer is $0.99 + tax. #padutch #mennonite #oldfashioned #keukalake #pennyan #myflx #myflxtbex #newamerican #memorialday2018 #flxmemorialday

Living Room with wrap around deck. View of Keuka Lake from every seat! #ardmoreglenn #keukalake #keukalakewinetrail