✨✨✨ 7 1 1 • Please join me in congratulating this AMAZING, beautiful woman @mopooh711, in completing her BS at ODU, CUM LAUDE!!! #nowhotterbyonedegree • Monique aka Mo aka Mo Pooh aka Sweetie Jr, you should be so PROUD! The days you didn’t think you could go on, you tapped into your incredible strength! I admire your strength/power, your courage, your resilience, your commitment and determination - your CONSISTENCY! YOU DID IT, MO!!!! YOU. DID. THE. DAMN. THING!!! • You completed your degree while working full-time, raising your boys, raising your husband 👀 (feeding his greedy ass), and being the family psychologist and glue (btw, we forgive you for shutting down the Suga Shack 😒)! 😆😆😆 • In addition, Sissy Pooh, thank you for continuing to be “my person” through this journey. With all you were juggling, you never wavered. Hell, I think our talks got longer and “WE” definitely got stronger. You’re my ride or die chick and I will kill a rock, choke a stick, and drown water for you! 💯 We have a “deep down Buddy Love” kinda love. 😉You are my sister and best friend and I appreciate YOU (and unlimited talking plans)! I’m so excited to see what’s next for “US!” 😄 I love you infinity, infinity! (P.S. He’s here.❤️) ✨✨✨ • #sampenn #penndistrict #proud #graduate #2018 #classof2018 #nofilter