Throwback to my first lip catch 😂 💋 #tbt

Bone update: The bone is still in my stomach after I pooped twice since yesterday. No vomiting on my part. The good news is, the doctor said that it looks like my stomach acid is digesting the bone. The bone xray looks lighter now than yesterday. So we will have to go back for another xray in 2 days and hopefully it’ll be gone! I’m also negative for heartworm so I’ll be getting my shot on our next visit. Prevention is the key! . Thank you all for your prayers! I am healed indeed! My hoomin can breathe now. 😬 #tyrionthefrenchie

Let me sleep daddy 🐶 bark bark

헤헤~ 😛 . 할일은 많고 바쁘지만 세상 조용해진 오늘 ㅋㅋ . 눈나 껌딱지가 되어버린 겨우링~~💕 . #겨울이