Good morning happens like this, when your client give a surprise by posting his transformation pic. Mr Vinay Arora Reduced 12.5 kg just in 30 days, inspite of having Sleep Apnea Disorder, he made it happen by following our diet plans and workout tips with the topping of his dedication and trust. A big congratulations for his dedication 👏🎉🎊🏆🏆🎖🎉🎊 ------------------------------------ DM 📩 to get Healthy customised diet plans and workout tips ----------------------------------- #workoutmotivation #hapoyclients #transformation #weightlossjourney #weight #dietplan #dietfood #healthylifestile #healthylifestye

Sometimes I crave this combo, and today was that day. 😋😋⠀ Weetbix, skim milk and plain low fat Greek yoghurt topped off with banana, rolled oats, pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and a drizzle of honey. 👊☝️

Views👀 And I guess the ocean is nice too😉 Kicked off my morning with a big ol’ coconut flax waffle and strawberry butter🍓🍌 before I head to get some outdoors time and sunshine in today🌞 Happy Friday friends!💕

Day 3 part 2 #GetFitAndGiveBack Done edisi petang. Edisi pre iftar. . Tipu le kan kalo kt x haus dahaga. Nmpk waterpoint kalu time x posa mau stop tiap kali nmpk. Rs nak pengsan kalo x kena walau sepaip.. Eh.. Betul eh.. Se paip? Or se teguk.. Lg x sesuai... . Tp time posa leh la plak minda control body. Bole pulak tgk bnda alah tu tnpa perasaan.. Cuba utk lawan mental yg guna alasan puasa.., tak larat, letih, lemau utk x mau 🏃.. Itu suma POYO!!! . #fitramadhan #ramadhanrun #puasabukanalasan #paceorangpuasa #runforfitness #runningispassion #slowrunner #slowjogging #healthylifestye

😋😋😍😍 ☝️Hummus, roast pumpkin, feta and spinach on dark rye bread.

R i s e And S h i n e!☀️ Good morning loves!!🌈 What do you start the day with? Coffee ? Tea ? Lemon Water? Lemon & Green Tea is involved in my everyday routine! 😍☕️ Cleanse your body with Lemon everyday detox. Oh, you still haven’t tried, you don’t know what you’re missing!🤷🏻‍♀️ #lemontea🍋 #healthydrink #healthycare #healthylifestye

Triple Cacao Cheesecake, always a favourite! We hope to have our online shop up & running soon 👏🏻 In the meantime, send us a message or visit one of our stockists to order your raw fix 😋

A little reminder for your Friday to never give up! 💪

Tofu Thai peanut ginger wraps in my favorite town + a surprise long weekend. I am so READY💕🌞

These two are the best dogs I have ever had!!! Loyal, Loving, and such personality!!! They’re like little people-dogs!!! 😜! Lol! So smart!!! They don’t look like traditional Labradoodles, ( I always get- they like wolf-hounds)!, but they are my doodles!! Lovem!! Drop a pic below of your favorite furr-baby!! . . . . . . #doodlesrule #bestdogsever🐾 #furrbabies🐶😺 #bestfurryfriends #smartdogs #nurselifestyle #nursernbsn #nursern #healthylifestye #dogskeepyouhealthy #dogskeepyoufit