昨日ドッグランに行ったら久々にグレートピレニーズのブーマーくんと会いました☺️ブーちゃん1歳、48キロまだまだ成長中〜😄とっても優しくてかわいい子😍💕 帰宅後は爆睡‥ちと怖い😅 #brittany #brittanyspaniel #greatpyrenees

Downtime! Someone turned 1 this week. #greatpyrenees

April was was found in a rural area south of Dallas. We have been working with a family that lives nearby who reports dogs are often dumped out there currently exists at least a pack of 9 dogs living day to day. We are providing food thanks to our friends along with flea and tick medications since all the dogs are covered in parasites. April was the sweetest and easiest to catch. Even though she was covered in ticks and had a raging ear infection she had the biggest smile on her face when we stopped to help her out. She is between 2-3 years old and has had at least one litter of puppies. Thankfully she is heartworm negative but she has been exposed to a tick borne disease that we are working on. April saw a professional groomer and has now been spayed and vaccinated. She is literally one of the easiest and least reactive street dogs in our rescue history. She is just happy to be safe and loved. She's had proven to be good with dogs, cats and kids. April is now in a home with another Great Pyrenees and is ready for adoption. We think she will be happiest in a home with a fenced yard, another sweet dog friendly dog, and an owner who is home more than not. April will be attending our event this Saturday at The Shacks at Austin Ranch. Stop by to meet this beautiful girl! To get ahead of the rush to adopt this beautiful girl please go to and complete our no-obligation adoption application. Approved applicants receive priory. . . . #dsdaapril #dallasstreetdogadvocates #readyforforeverhome #adoptarescue #rescuedstreetdogsofdallas #theshacksataustinranch #greatpyrenees

When your 7 month old puppy is almost your size. 😂 This big guy is the best, funniest, but most annoying pup I’ve ever seen. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We love him to pieces, though. 😍 #greatpyrenees