Totally crushing on this bag that I saw in the store today. It’s beautiful! Pillowy cloud grey, with a rose gold chain woven into the straps. So beautiful! Definitely a pretty penny, so I’ll admire it from afar. I don’t normally crush on bags like this, nor purses for that matter, but this one totally takes the cake! 🛍 #rosegold #crushing #bagsfordays #dreaming #rosegoldglitter #shopping

I shared a few weeks back that I would be doing another Leadership Workshop soon. - Well, I started the process this past weekend and it was such a blessssssing. - I have spent the last few years working through a lot of the “stuff” that felt heavy on my heart and that “stuff” no longer weighs me down because I’ve been willing to do the work around it. - The “stuff” I’ve let go of over the years ranges from sadness, to self-pity, low confidence and worthlessness. - Walking into this room was the latest version of Jess 2.0 and walking out was an even shinier and brighter woman. - I set the intention of love and leadership before I walked into the room and I committed to myself and to every single person who showed up to give 100% to the process. - I’ll absolutely be sharing about my breakthroughs with you; however, today, I’m excited to share about one in particular. - The limiting belief about my self that has been making my life a trudge through the freaking mud. - I’ve REALLLLLLY believed, 98.3% of the time, that… - “I’m not fun”. - What does that mean? - That means I’ve approached every aspect of my life… - family, friendship, love, business, leadership, health, fitness - through that lense. - WHAT A BUMMER. For me and for all ya’ll cause, that just isn’t true. - I’m FUN AF. - I’m committed to being FUN, approaching life from FUN and remembering that FUN isn’t something that happens because I go do fun things, its who I am, baby. -

Friends, I'm a little ex-cit-ed over here about a beautiful pdf guide I have created for those of you bloggers and influencers. It's a guide sharing exactly how to pitch a brand for a collaboration. 🌟 It also includes what to charge, how to negotiate, tips and tricks for finding contacts and best practice for success. WOW! This jam-packed goodness is dropping Sunday! 🔥 If you head on over to my blog, rachaelsjournal.com, you can get some sweet bonuses and a fair dinkum price if you purchase the guide during the presale... Woohoo 😀

Still haven’t managed to find another you 💭

Puedes romper mi corazón en dos aunque cuando se cura estará de nuevo latiendo por ti... 💕 es directo pero cierto 😼

Goodnight y’all 😘😘

تفاءلوا بالخير هتلقوه و العمر لو يجري الحقوه ... الي لسة مجاش نسيبه بكرا يبق معاه حبيبه 💕🤲🏻 #happens #happy #sunset #laughing #dreaming #smile

Although in 15 years I’ll probably be drinking cheap wine while vacationing in my own home with my 10 dog children as we go through my suspicious amount of unpaid bills 💃🏻🍷🐶 #goal #goals #dreams #dreaming #iwish #cool #imcool #auntie #aunt #rich #money #ladies #imagine #imagination #commitment #responsibility #life #fml #lol #haha #funny #funnyaf #funnymeme #funnymemes #memes #memepage

♠️ “Baby it’s alright, you’ll be fine” ——————————————————————————- Taken By : Armando Larios | @hernamewasivy

"Don't ever be scared to dream because everything is possible, no matter how bizarre. I was and still am a dreamer and that's what made me become the person I am today." Jared Leto @jaredleto #jaredleto #dreaming #dream #dreams

I would love to be lucky enough to be able to meet Taylor. It would be incredible. 💘 #taylornation #taylorswift #myidol #dreaming #love @taylorswift @taylornation

I’d kill for this right now at 5 degrees 😱 #antartica #invercargill #winteriscoming #dreaming