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Im glad to hear that students from the Oklahoma School for the Blind enjoyed touching my art piece at McKeon Center for Creativity, TCC Metro. PLEASE TOUCH THE ART show runs until July 30th. #art #TCC #Blind artist #ceramic #ceramic sculpture #visually impaired artists

Manchester United masih mempertimbangkan untuk merekrut Yaya Toure (35) yang masih berstatus free agent. [M.E.N] . Takis gak nih?🤔 . . Follow juga partner kami: cuplikan gol/video lainnya di sana!🙏 . . . #mufc #manchesterunited #GGMU #loveunited #totalunited #goal #weareunited #follow #ff #followme #unitedid #reds #fanpage #premierleague #degea #valencia #rojo #blind #jones #united #mata #matic #pogba #sanchez #ibrahimovic #young #oldtrafford #manunited #united

Should i even wear glasses.. does it suit me? 😂 #blind #readingglasses #feelsbadman

bᴎi|d ꙅi bᴎim ɘʜƚ ᴎɘʜw ꙅꙅɘ|ɘꙅu ɘɿɒ ꙅɘʏɘ ɘʜT #foodforthought #quote #quoteoftheday #theeyesarethewindowtothesoul #Blind

So I finally was able to get around to trying the Z press that I saw @borgessfitness. Working on form but hopefully I can get some results from it. 💪🏼

#Repost @erindogovich CORNELIUS 💖 TO BE KILLED - 6/21/18 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE ** A private donor has graciously offered to pay $300 to the New Hope partner that pulls Cornelius #31115 from BACC ** SWEET BLIND BUDDY Adorable, blind #Bulldog mix Cornelius was found wandering all on his own. He’s is looking for a new loving person to call his own. Although he is vision impaired, Cornelius manages to get around very well, he follows voices, and is playful, waggy & cuddly as every other dog. Cornelius is mild mannered, he comes into the lap to cuddle, he likes his snacks, sits nicely on command & appears to be #housebroken. Additionally, he makes the cutest snorting sounds while he is eating. Please share this sweet low rider for a new start.. A staff member writes: Check out this cute face! Cornelius is an 8 year old #BLIND #beauty he’s been great with all handling here. Short stocky & Sweet. [email protected] ACC #31115 I am a male brown #dog #Brooklyn ACC The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old, 53.6 lbs Came into #shelter as a STRAY June 13, 2018 AT RISK due to medical concerns. Cornelius is a #geriatric dog with underlying medical conditions that will need further evaluation. There are NO BEHAVIOR CONCERNS for Cornelius at this time, Average determination. . MEDICAL NOTES #Vet Notes Post Surgery Note 14/06/2018 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age:8y Microchip noted on Intake?n HISTORY :STRAY SUBJECTIVE:appears blind. mydriatic eyes, no PLR, clumsy. became very upset at one point when he fell over during exam (disorientation I presume) OBSERVED BEHAVIOR -seeks petting, wags tail Evidence of Cruelty or Trauma seen -n EENT: ou mydriasis, sclerosis, hyperkeratosis AU Oral Exam:mod dental disease, unable to see back teeth U/G:on testis felt Assessment: blind--appears very used to being blind. yeasty otitis. cryptorchid Prognosis:good Behavior during INTAKE: Cornelius entered the room with a loose body & wiggly tail. He allowed the counselor to collar him & to take his picture. Cornelius was brought to the center as a STRAY : FOUND on Logan Street and Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208. He came with a black collar & a chain leash. 💖https

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One of my foster babes has been featured on @susiesseniordogs! This is his second feature and he's been with me for 6 months. He's desperate for his forever home!! #Repost ・・・ BOSTON, MA: 10 year old Grant is still looking for love! Grant has bounced between living situations the past few years and it's made him feel a little insecure with new people and situations. Understandably. He is also completely blind which adds to his vulnerability. But with a little patience, Grant warms up quick! And there's nothing he loves more than a trusted lap to lay on. The only issue is Grant hasn't been able to find anyone who is even just a little bit patient enough to give him his big chance. PLEASE SHARE! 🧡🧡 @lasthopek9 wrote, "Grant has had a hard time getting adopted because so many people see his quirks as 'flaws.' Grant is a 10 year old #poodle mix with the cutest, crooked underbite you've ever seen! He's totally blind due to cataracts, but is an independent dog and, once he explores a new place, he gets around without issue. Because he is #blind and has been bounced around in recent years, Grant has pretty substantial trust issues. He will nip if he isn't given the chance to warm up to a new person or when he's spooked. To help him acclimate to new people and environments safely, he is now muzzle trained and working on his 'stranger danger' with his foster. He's made amazing progress in his training sessions! His foster has been able to host many guests over in the last couple of months and Grant always ends up snuggled up in their lap. He just needs to know that he's safe. After that, he is such an affectionate, goofy pup who just wants to be loved and snuggled (preferably upside down on your lap!) at all times. Small dogs are fine for Grant and he has recently been fine with calm, large dogs, too. (But no cats or kids at home for this guy.) He has a mild heart murmur and might be developing arthritis, but he doesn't currently require any medication. He needs an owner who understands his quirks and will continue working on his training. Grant has been waiting a long time for a loving forever family."